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About KBK

KBK’s roots reach back to the early 2000’s. Since these first days of adventurous self-discovery, we’ve gained considerable experience in what has been driving us ever since: live visuals, motion graphics and stage design.

Powered by passion, our team has evolved into well versed 3D / 2D artists and creative thinkers that can translate any event concept into a visual live show, always adapting, steadfast and resolute.

Our activities are focused mainly in the Netherlands and the US, but are known to have taken us to many exotic places elsewhere around the globe. 

What we cover in terms of places could just as well be translated to venues; we operate as effectively in small clubs as in large arenas.

Our goal is to compose experiences that harmonize with the culture of an event or artist, creating the right pull to get visitors involved in something memorable!

We operate worldwide


Shows delivered
since 2003

We work closely together with LED suppliers to get maximum results with LED setups, by customizing visuals to the exact screen composition. As a result we’re able to work with any imaginable LED or projection screen setup and are able to design custom-made screen setup suitable for any event.